Found already the perfect travel companion? The (true) story of Katia.

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For those living and working abroad, having a trusted medical insurance means never feeling alone. And travelling is so lovely!

The name of Katia comes from my imagination, but this history is all true. It was one of my colleague who, while traveling to Bratislava, confessed to me:

«Customers ask me which is the best medical insurance and I always I fall from the clouds. It happens to me the same in the large new beauty stores: in front of so many products, with so many items different eachother, who may ever help me to find the right one for me?»

The girl of Kosice, that Friday afternoon, came down to town with a single desire: to buy a small gift to keep fresh and intact her charm of a young countryside girl.

She noticed that her dear cosmetics shop had moved from the old town to the new large shopping center.

The amount of the merchandise on display was endless. Instead of the traditional face powders there were tons of goods of all types and genres: creams, emulsions, lotions, gels and oils for the skin, face masks, tinted bases, talc for body hygiene, deodorants, perfumes, lotions, creams, oils, gels for hair styling, hair spray, brilliantines.

Katia, in front a so grate abundance, asked herself: «What do I buy? Help!»

Just like Katia, more and more firms, professionals, expats, managers, approach the medical insurance market trying to extricate themself from a multitude of offers and discounts. These are the some frequent questions.

1. Which are the best medical insurances for those living and working abroad?

The market offers a wide range of different solutions. The best products are mainly available in foreigne language. For this reason, it is better to be supported by professionals able to communicate in English very well. This happens especially when we have to handle an emergency in “Code Blue” abroad in a foreign language.

2. Will the insurance reimburse me the cost of transport in case of emergency?

It depends. Transport costs within a country are covered. However, emergency evacuation expenses by plane with medical resuscitation and nurses on board may cost hundred thousands euro. In this case, it is much better to conclude separately a specific air emergency insurance.

3. And in case of transplantation?

Transplant costs are usually covered. Before you conclude any contract, it is better to check if the drug charges and the recovery of the intervention are included or not.

4. If I have to be hospitalized abroad, who supports me in case of emergency?

The cases of immediate treatment (let’s take the case of respiratory or circulatory system problems) must be managed quickly. It is important to rely on medical insurance professionals. In case of hospitalization, they are able on our behalf to stay daily in connection with both insurance company and clinic and solve your case successfully.

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