Always by the Client's side

Nicola Colucci

Nicola Colucci is an internationally experienced insurance consultant who helps companies to protect their capital strength and financial liquidity through the process of identifying, assessing, reducing and controlling business risks.

He provides tailor-made insurance solutions and offers professional claims handling service.

Companies – lacking internal resources capable of identifying and managing threats – are not aware which risk management tools can be adopted to reduce business risks, neither which insurance solutions are required to protect factories, production, supply chain, business brand, health and safety from major claims and accidents.

These hazards increase when we internationalize our business: to the typical manufacturing risks (fire, flooding, business interruption, supply chain, defective product, accidents and illnesses, cyber threats) we cannot forget those underestimated linguistic, cultural, communicative, legislative differences that only professionals may help us to understand and overcome.

Nicola Colucci, together with a network of offices throughout the EMEA area, offers a unique insurance risk management service.

Companies may thus obtain these 4 advantages:

  • identify, assess, reduce and control production risks
  • protect corporate assets and liquidity with dedicated insurance solutions
  • secure safety and health through insurance medical coverage, with clinics world wide
  • receive support in case of claim: accidents at work, legal defense strategies, medical expenses.

Who is an international insurance advisor?

  • He is an insurance consultant who visits your company and guides you to identify, reduce and control the risks that may threaten your business growth
  • Finds on the international market the best insurance solutions to protect assets, financial solidity and key men of your company
  • Informs you about the legal obligations on health and safety at work, defective product, environmental damages, brand protection, civil and criminal liability of the managers.
  • Coordinates, in case of claim, the communications between your company, the insurer, the damaged parties and the loss adjusters¬†
  • Provides you, through his international network, a dedicated insurance risk management service in the country where your company is located.