Always by the Client's side

Nicola Colucci

Expat since more than 20 years, during the last 10 I have been working abroad as risk manager for Italian and international companies in CEE / CIS countries.

In my career I inspected manufacturing sites in the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine.

So many questions, so many different needs of each of the people I met.

As businessman abroad, I decided to invest time and personal resources on a new way of selection, simplification and sharing of the “risk management” culture providing, through this website, a reference point for managers and companies located in the “Visegrad” region.

Manufactoring Firms abroad need to be aware and informed about the increasing aware risk exposure they face in foreign countries, such as:

  • Companies: the clear separation between insurable risk / uninsurable risk.
  • Country manager: the many foreign laws concerning staffing equity exposure.
  • Expat, technical personnel in mission: accident coverage and medical expenses, valid also for their family members.

Who is an international risk manager?

  • Is an highly skilled professional who undertakes the task to identify and reduce the various business risk areas.
  • Provides strategies, preventive measures and solutions for both firms and their country managers.
  • Knowns in depht the business environment of the different cultures of the countries where he works for.
  • Speaks several languages, he is often in mission, he guarantees his stable physical local presence.
  • He is the trusted partner for most of the issues related to the business risks.