Business flooded: who should we call before water comes?

Reading time: 5 minutes

The violence of the atmospheric agents that have recently blowed cities, ports, private and public buildings in Europe worries owners of warehouses and production sites. Their main question is:“Are we insured against flood? Who pays the business interruption damages?” The graph here below is eloquent:     Torrential rains and adverse weather conditions are day by day more and more frequent. Here are some useful suggestions for production sites owners. Risk … Read more

Startups: Directors and Officers liability Insurance is a valuable tool to mitigate CEO’s risks.

Reading time: 5 minutes

High failure rate, demanding investors, new law obligations, many complaints to respect. If you lead a startup company, don’t forget to buy Directors and Officers insurance: in case of error, it protects your own holdings. And when your company rapidly grows, it attracts new investors and capitals. Startups suffer from a high mortality rate. The main reasons are listed in the below chart. To ensure the survival of a startup company, the management … Read more

Cyber risk: the threat is inside our company

Reading time: 8 minutes

Computer frauds, viruses, data and identity theft, misuse of credit cards, cyber attacks on our computers: these are some of the major threats that affect businesses all over the world on a daily basis, such as hospitals, multi-utilities, law and auditing firms. Most of these intrusions are coming from within the company and could even be caused by unfaithful employees. Preventive and control measures, IT experts, cyber insurance: are the … Read more

Small-medium businesses and defective product: how to be protected againts a claim.

Reading time: 7 minutes

Toys, automotive, cosmetics, jewelery. Even in Europe, these are the production areas most affected by claims for compensation. Not only the large corporates, but also the small and medium-sized enterprises face sudden and costly recall campaigns due to their defective products. SMEs are not always aware of the risks they face, therefore they are more vulnerable. In case of request of damage from defective product, how to defend themselves? Victoria’s … Read more

Manager’s liability: 7 cases that really happened

Reading time: 6 minutes

Owners of companies and country manager are by law responsible, with their own holding, for damages caused to third parties, or to the company they represent, for failure to follow regulations and standards. Their wrong decisions, as described by the 7 cases here below, may be legally expose directors and officers in front shareholders, business partners, customers and employees. Being without proper insurance cover may expose a manager to pay … Read more

How to reduce your private medical insurance premium in 6 steps

Reading time: 7 minutes

The age increase and consequently the rise of chronic conditions for clients, new medical technologies and demographic trends are the main reasons why private medical insurance premiums sensibly increased in recent years.  Let’s explore some practical solutions to keep these costs under control. 4 reasons why private medical insurance premiums are increasing 1. More claims to pay than premiums received. Insurance companies are for-profit organisations. In order to keep their books balanced, insurers … Read more