There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in man

Sean Connery

Your business more safe and protected

As soon as a company moves its operations abroad must daily face a number of challenges; the little in-depth knowledge of the legislative, economic and cultural framework of the territory in which they operates is one of these.

To understand firm’s local exposures like safety at work, fire prevention and accidents, environmental and managers liability, claims and legal disputes, it is necessary to be supported by an experienced and trusted international risk manager able to provide the right solutions to meet the individual needs of your company abroad.

Very often companies are not fully aware how to face those unforeseeable events which may block the production, interrupt the supply chain and expose the company to financial losses and property and reputation damages.

Not only direct damages

For the survival of a company based abroad, the business interruption coverage is crucial: not only to ensure the business continuity, but also to protect the company’s reputation and imagine, in front of suppliers and customers.

The risk assessment

The local inspection of the manufactoring sites and the professional photo reportage of the risks areas’s exposure is the first necessary step to evaluate the best strategies to manage business’ risks.

A technical survey, supported by an illustrated report, allows the firm to find the areas most exposed to danger. In this way, it is much clearer which risk may be reduced and which may be transferred to the insurance market.

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