Emergency recover: how to receive immediate care in 3 steps

Reading time: 7 minutes

Having access to Accident & Emergency departments, due to the languishing National Health System, is more and more difficult for millions of patients in all Europe. Italy, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland are just some of the countries where, together with Iceland and Greece, it is difficult to find a free bed. Whether in case of emergency or planned recovery, receiving medical care in time becomes harder and harder. Especially if … Read more

Manager’s liability: 7 cases that really happened

Reading time: 6 minutes

Owners of companies and country manager are by law responsible, with their own holding, for damages caused to third parties, or to the company they represent, for failure to follow regulations and standards. Their wrong decisions, as described by the 7 cases here below, may be legally expose directors and officers in front shareholders, business partners, customers and employees. Being without proper insurance cover may expose a manager to pay … Read more

How to reduce your private medical insurance premium in 6 steps

Reading time: 7 minutes

The age increase and consequently the rise of chronic conditions for clients, new medical technologies and demographic trends are the main reasons why private medical insurance premiums sensibly increased in recent years.  Let’s explore some practical solutions to keep these costs under control. 4 reasons why private medical insurance premiums are increasing 1. More claims to pay than premiums received. Insurance companies are for-profit organisations. In order to keep their books balanced, insurers … Read more

International medical coverage: are we sure to be well covered?

Reading time: 3 minutes

Here we are on trip: light hand luggage, fly tickets in our pocket. Are we sure anything is missing? On business trip or on holiday, having a trusted medical coverage makes the real difference! Question: «I plan to go skiing this winter holidays: does my health insurance cover me against accidents?» Answer: Absolutely not. The “Accident” insurance is a completely different type of coverage from “Deseas” insurance. These two events are … Read more

Slovakia: companies more and more careful about their risk exposure

Reading time: 2 minutes

New taxes on the premium, accidents at work, hydrogeological risk. The end of the year approaches: these are some of the the most frequently asked questions. 1. John stores and manages some commercial properties in Bratislava’s center. Question: «I have to renew the fire insurance on my properties policy: will the premium be taxed?» Answer: Not yet known. The Slovak government plans to introduce from 2017 a tax of 8%. … Read more