Doubt is the origin of wisdom – Dubium sapientiae initium.

(René Descartes)

Directors’ and Managers’ liability

Country managers working abroad are exposed to potential litigation in a foreign country. Local legislation may change quickly and suddenly and expose them to an unfavorable situation. The risk of being personally involved in legal actions in a foreign courts is evident.

In case of “errors and omissions”, leaders may be called upon to respond personally with their own assets;

To remedy and mitigate these risks, it is suggestable to conclude a “directors’ and officers” insurance in the country where their work.

Which local solution for managers and executives?

“Directors’ and officers’ insurance coverage”, known also as “Managers Liability”, covers the cost of compensation claims made against business’s directors and key managers for wrongful acts.

What I can do for you and for your Firm:

  • Identification of your risk areas’ exposures.
  • Explanation of the foreign legislation, with the involvement of local and international law firms, on request.
  • Find the best local coverage, in accordance with local regulations.

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