Health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing

(Arthur Schopenhauer)

The solution designed to protect your health

For anyone working abroad, having a trusted international medical coverage is essential: health it is always on top of our priorities.

The high costs of transport in case of emergency, medical consultations to avoid unpleasant late diagnosis, rental expenses of the operating room to intensive care, medical specialists fees, prescription of drugs, costs of translation may be debit into our bank account.

The direct payment of all expenses by the insurance company is a grate confort.

With this type of insurance, we are able to transfer all medical costs to the insurance company and have immediate admission, in case of emergency, to the best medical clinics, both public and private, in Europe and world-wide.

An experienced international consultant does this for you:

  • find the best insurance coverage on local and international markets;
  • reduce the insurance premium;
  • support you in avoiding the long waiting lists, even in case of emergency;
  • let you have quick reception into the medical clinic;
  • manage the medical admission, during all phases, from the first medical consultation to surgery.
  • arrange the direct payment of all expenses by the insurance company.

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