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Over 10 years of international risk management experience guarantees to my customers an high quality international service standard-flexible, tailor-made solutions.


I work as a consultant in name and on behalf of my clients. My independence as a risk manager allows me to represent the interests of the customers, helping them to identify and mitigate their specific risk exposure.


I operate in whole Central and Eastern Europe, with frequent missions in various countries of the Region. International reach with local delivery are assured.

Latest articles

Startups: Directors and Officers liability Insurance is a valuable tool to mitigate CEO’s risks. 8 January 2018 - High failure rate, demanding investors, new law obligations, many complaints to respect. If you lead a startup company, don’t forget to buy Directors and Officers insurance: in case of error, it protects your own holdings. And when your company rapidly grows, it attracts new investors and capitals. Startups ...
Cyber risk: the threat is inside our company 7 November 2017 - Computer frauds, viruses, data and identity theft, misuse of credit cards, cyber attacks on our computers: these are some of the major threats that affect businesses all over the world on a daily basis, such as hospitals, multi-utilities, law and auditing firms. Most of these ...
Small-medium businesses and defective product: how to be protected againts a claim. 3 October 2017 - Toys, automotive, cosmetics, jewelery. Even in Europe, these are the production areas most affected by claims for compensation. Not only the large corporates, but also the small and medium-sized enterprises face sudden and costly recall campaigns due to their defective products. SMEs are not always ...