Slovakia: companies more and more careful about their risk exposure

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New taxes on the premium, accidents at work, hydrogeological risk. The end of the year approaches: these are some of the the most frequently asked questions.

1. John stores and manages some commercial properties in Bratislava’s center.

Question: «I have to renew the fire insurance on my properties policy: will the premium be taxed?»

Answer: Not yet known. The Slovak government plans to introduce from 2017 a tax of 8%.

Q: «And in Italy or Germany? Are insurance premiums still highly taxed?»

A: Unfortunately they are, more than 20%.

2.Marco runs a shoe factory: he is very carefull about the health of his workers.

Q: «If an employee of mine is injured while at work, do I run any risk?»

A: Social insurance, in case of injury and prolongd absence from work, arrange for the payment of medical expenses and contributions. However – if it is found failure in safety and accident prevention in the working place – the company may be asked to restore all those expenses.

Q: «Is there a specific coverage for this case?»

A: The good news is that Slovakia (unlike Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary) offers to firms the opportunity to be insured against this risk. In any case, in order to effectively reduce injuries in the company, it is warmly suggested to arrange a survey with the insurer and a trusted risk manager.

3.Martin manages an establishment in the region of Žilina.

Q: «The huge avalanche that swept the ski lift Vrátna, just two years ago, still worries me. In Slovakia where a natural disaster is most likely to strike?»

A: Not only the mountainous zones but also the Bratislava itself is at risk. The current climate change threatens more and more risk managers and reinsurance companies. The prompt adoption of prevention measures to make safe of families, homes, farms and other businesses become increasingly necessary all over the Slovakian territory.

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