International medical coverage: are we sure to be well covered?

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Here we are on trip: light hand luggage, fly tickets in our pocket. Are we sure anything is missing? On business trip or on holiday, having a trusted medical coverage makes the real difference!

Question: «I plan to go skiing this winter holidays: does my health insurance cover me against accidents?»

Answer: Absolutely not. The “Accident” insurance is a completely different type of coverage from “Deseas” insurance. These two events are completely separated from each other: the first is a fortuitous event. The second is a sudden alteration of our general health conditions. Insurance companies do take these risks well distinct from each other.

Q:  «And in the case of embolism during a summer dive? Am I covered?»

Answer: Some medical policies include this risk. However, we need to separate recreational sport from  professional diving, which is excluded from most of the medical policies. In case of emergency, it is very important to verify if the prompt transportation to the closest hyperbaric center is included or not.

Q: «I work as director of my own firm: in case of stroke, who will reimburse me the medical expenses and nurse care? Who pays my prolonged absence from work?»

A: For those travelling on business trip, the market provides with excellent coverages. For those instead living and working permanently in a certain country, it is necessary to buy a local product; but each case needs to be discussed separately.

Q: «I am leading a company abroad: I plan to offer to all my employees a group accident and health coverage. Shoul I be included under the same product? Or is it better me to buy a complete different solution more suitable to my officer position?»

A: Group insurances are different then individual policies for managers / executives. Those benefits offer to the employees a large variety of perks to be used within their country of residence.

Differently, the international medical insurance allows each single country manager, often on business trip, to be immediately recovered in case of emergency in the most important private clinics world-wide”.

Q: «I am planning to buy an international medical coverage for all my family: is «travel insurance» already included?»

A: In most cases it is. This type of policy protects us againt all those unpleasent inconveniences that may happen when we travel for business and on holidays like: airline baggage damage, loss of our identity card or passport, theft of the camera, even loss of the flight…

However, the reason why expats and executives buy medical insurance is another: having access, especially in case of sudden emergency, to the network of public and private clinics, for those living and travelling abroad, is now a day essential.


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