5 employees benefits for HR retention

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Don’t let the competition poach your best employees! Attracting the best people, keeping them tight is a top priority for companies. That’s why manufacturing and consulting firms are use to offer “employees benefits” to their workers: retain the internal resources and improve their treatment in the workplace.

Not so long ago, these bonuses were mainly offered to production managers and technicians. Now, lawyers, accountants, on demand managers, secretaries and assistants are more and more increasingly valued in offices through the distribution of these specific products.

The employees benefits are of two types.

The first type, which does not fall under the insurance category, is represented by pearks chosen together with the employer. They may vary, depending on the work type and the country in which one of them may be transferred “on mission”.

In general, fall within them the following:

  • leisure activities (cinema, theater, hotels and restaurants…);
  • sports (fitness & wellness packages, spa …);
  • annual subscription to public transport;
  • company car.

Deloitte has even launched in 2016 a new “family leave program” that allows young mothers to care for newborn babies at home during the first 16 weeks, paid in full. Later, those young mother are able to look after their children in the workplace in special “friendly zones”.

Under the second category fall real insurance products which covers the totality of the employees or an homogeneous category of them.

The most commonly used medical services are as follows:

  • preventive health services and check-up;
  • extra hospital care in out-patience;
  • ambulance in emergency;
  • admission to public and private hospitals;
  • payment of medicines, laboratory tests, prostheses;
  • dental and eye care.

Why “insurance benefits” offer is growing?

Because medical care costs are increasing, specially in the US, not only for globe-trotting manager, but also for those professionals who spend hours and hours in the office.

If a lawyer or an “interim” manager are not in the workplace for medical reasons, the economical consequences, in term of lost productivity, may impact on the company’s budget.

An 24/7 coverage is, in fact, more and more requested not only by employers but also by employees.

This is the result from the recent research realised by Accenture on 2700 workers: most of them (82%) are satisfied with their medical insurance company; 76% considers it an important reason not to leave the working place.

The study continues with an important clarification.

To the question, “would you stay with the same employer without medical insurance?”, 64% answered negatively: not only the disaffection towards the company increases ; 32% of the workers also stated that they would looking for a new place. While 15% even declared that he would leave it immediately.


Which are the 5 benefits most requested by employees?

  1. Medical insurance: having immediate access to public and private clinics lays on pure economical reasons. The high costs of transport in case of emergency, operating room expenses in intensive care unit, medical staff fees for major surgeries are all charged by the clinic directly on our bank account. The payment of all expenses by the insurance company relieves us from these heavy financial outlay.
  2. Long-term disability: this policy protects the human resources from the loss of income due to illness or accident whose consequences are felt over a long period. Normally, you are entitled to a monthly amount equal to 50-80% of salary. It can be extended to all personnel involved.
  3. Daily allowance in the event of illness: medical insurance, in case of clinic admission to a clinic, offer a real cash benefit that may vary from 30 to 60 Euros paid by the insurance company for each day of hospital stay.
  4. Accident insurance,24/7, valid on the territory of the employee’s residence: the work contract covers the employee only on the home-office route. The remaning hours of the day and the weekend are out of coverage. Instead, a single policy group accident insurance offers the advantage of covering all employees against accidents 7 days a week, even during the holiday period.
  5. Dental: this type of coverage is usually already included in the most health insurance policies. The insurance company reimburses all routine maintenance up to 500-600 euros per year. In case of injury to the dental arch, all costs are paid in full.

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