How to reduce your private medical insurance premium in 6 steps

Reading time: 7 minutes

The age increase and consequently the rise of chronic conditions for clients, new medical technologies and demographic trends are the main reasons why private medical insurance premiums sensibly increased in recent years.  Let’s explore some practical solutions to keep these costs under control. 4 reasons why private medical insurance premiums are increasing 1. More claims to pay than premiums received. Insurance companies are for-profit organisations. In order to keep their books balanced, insurers … Read more

5 employees benefits for HR retention

Reading time: 5 minutes

Don’t let the competition poach your best employees! Attracting the best people, keeping them tight is a top priority for companies. That’s why manufacturing and consulting firms are use to offer “employees benefits” to their workers: retain the internal resources and improve their treatment in the workplace. Not so long ago, these bonuses were mainly offered to production managers and technicians. Now, lawyers, accountants, on demand managers, secretaries and assistants … Read more