Business flooded: who should we call before water comes?

Reading time: 5 minutes

The violence of the atmospheric agents that have recently blowed cities, ports, private and public buildings in Europe worries owners of warehouses and production sites. Their main question is:“Are we insured against flood? Who pays the business interruption damages?” The graph here below is eloquent:     Torrential rains and adverse weather conditions are day by day more and more frequent. Here are some useful suggestions for production sites owners. Risk … Read more

Slovakia: companies more and more careful about their risk exposure

Reading time: 2 minutes

New taxes on the premium, accidents at work, hydrogeological risk. The end of the year approaches: these are some of the the most frequently asked questions. 1. John stores and manages some commercial properties in Bratislava’s center. Question: «I have to renew the fire insurance on my properties policy: will the premium be taxed?» Answer: Not yet known. The Slovak government plans to introduce from 2017 a tax of 8%. … Read more