Startups: Directors and Officers liability Insurance is a valuable tool to mitigate CEO’s risks.

Reading time: 5 minutes

High failure rate, demanding investors, new law obligations, many complaints to respect. If you lead a startup company, don’t forget to buy Directors and Officers insurance: in case of error, it protects your own holdings. And when your company rapidly grows, it attracts new investors and capitals. Startups suffer from a high mortality rate. The main reasons are listed in the below chart. To ensure the survival of a startup company, the management … Read more

Cyber risk: the threat is inside our company

Reading time: 8 minutes

Computer frauds, viruses, data and identity theft, misuse of credit cards, cyber attacks on our computers: these are some of the major threats that affect businesses all over the world on a daily basis, such as hospitals, multi-utilities, law and auditing firms. Most of these intrusions are coming from within the company and could even be caused by unfaithful employees. Preventive and control measures, IT experts, cyber insurance: are the … Read more

5 employees benefits for HR retention

Reading time: 5 minutes

Don’t let the competition poach your best employees! Attracting the best people, keeping them tight is a top priority for companies. That’s why manufacturing and consulting firms are use to offer “employees benefits” to their workers: retain the internal resources and improve their treatment in the workplace. Not so long ago, these bonuses were mainly offered to production managers and technicians. Now, lawyers, accountants, on demand managers, secretaries and assistants … Read more