5 risks to take in consideration about Real Estate

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Impressive numbers: real estate companies, owners of offices and warehouses, shopping centers, catering services and hotels are all exposed to frequent fire risk. In the US, in 2015, the fire brigade intervened to extinguish 1.345.500fire cases a year. The damages were enormous: who lost his lives, many people burned, $ 14.3 billion in direct damages and business interruption. And in Europe? The data reported by the Fire Safe Europe Organisation, … Read more

Business abroad: how to reduce risks in 5 points.

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Do we want to sleep soundly? Opening the gates of our firm to experienced consultants is an excellent strategy:¬†what ever it happens, insurers and risk managers never leave us alone. A case really happened. In 2010 in Australia an industrial bakery¬†was entirely destroyed by a huge fire. The insurance company refused to pay multi-million $ compensation: why? The walls’ premises had been constructed using a large quantity of highly flammable … Read more